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As you Probably know  we Dont Keep Carpet and Vinyl Stocks anymore !!!

BUT we now Do What is Called WHOLESALE PRICING..we Have a very good Selection of Carpet and Vinyl Sample Books..the exact same as Other Carpet Shops here and Wick...WE only charge you 30%+vat to get stuff home, other Local firms here and Wick Charge between 125 to 150%..yes theres is including fitting..and ours is not..example;Local shop(here/ wick)..Tartan Carpet..Jims price  £23.00..this is including vat(not Fitted)..there price £35.95 including Free fitting..customer wants 6m x 4m=24sqm..jim £552 not fitted..other shop.£862.80fitted...we also have a list of Carpet fitters( just ring us for there numbers) that will do this for £40/£ pay do the Maths !!!!..Oh I forgot we also give you the Price list so you can see it for yourself...We are very busy !!..see you soon

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